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eTwinning School Label

Ari Private Middle School has been awarded the eTwinning School Label 2023-2024 for its distinguished education practices in the field of international collaboration.

Ari eTwinning collaboration comprises several partner schools located in Spain, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands, the USA, and India, and is growing in number.

eTwinning is embedded in the foreign languages curriculum and it has been integrated into the school’s transdisciplinary activities.

​Ari Private Middle School has been awarded remarkable awards for exemplary achievements:

  • National Quality Label 2021 for ‘GOLD’ Project
  • National Quality Label 2022 for ‘World Water’ Project
  • National Quality Label 2022 for ‘Unidos por nuestras lenguas LAL Aprender Lengua Viva’ Project
  • European Quality Label 2022

What is the eTwinning School Label?

Schools awarded the eTwinning School Label are great examples of how the whole school can benefit from eTwinning. They play an active role in the implementation and promotion of eTwinning values ​​and pedagogy, are a reference point for their local community and serve as a model for other schools.

eTwinning Schools incorporate eTwinning values ​​into school policies, practices, and professional development processes with the support of school management.

With this Label, eTwinning recognizes and evaluates the involvement, effort, and commitment of not only individual eTwinners but also the entire school with which teams of teachers and school leaders work together.

Schools receiving the aforementioned Label are ready and willing to embark on a journey of development with activities that can be evaluated objectively.

The eTwinning Schools Mission Statement is the compass for all eTwinning Schools. In this Mission statement, the following elements are emphasized:

  • Joint leadership
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Student representation
  • Social inclusion and innovation
  • Being a role model for other schools

eTwinning Schools:

  • are recognized as role models for eTwinning and form a network of pioneering schools to inspire the future development of the activity at the European level.
  • They achieve a high level of visibility at the European level and are encouraged to display their eTwinning School Label in promotional and informational materials.
  • They are supported to participate in special professional development programs.
  • Become part of a dedicated eTwinning Group to share good practices, collaborate and participate in exclusive online events.

(Credit: European Commission)