•   Our mission is to enable our young students to grow as individuals full of love. We want them to be creative, sensitive, happy and confident individuals. This in turn enables every pupil to unlock their potential. Furthermore, we prepare them for the next study term by providing them with basic information and skills. Our children, who make progress in Atatürk’s contemporary and intellectual manner, are the guarantee of the future.

      Childhood is perceived as the period in which the young prepare for adulthood. Arı Preschool aims to provide the necessary preschool education for growing individuals in order to integrate self confidence and sense of responsibility with a strong personal and social sense.

      Our goal is the successful completion of specific goals for each child’s level of development and for the child to acquire essential competencies so as to maintain a productive and happy life. Thanks to the development programs for the next period, every opportunity is given to the child.

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