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Academic And Social Activity Courses

  “Social Activity Courses” are organized in our education campus at the weekends in order to educate our 1-3 grade students as prepared individuals in social, artistic and sports areas. Students find opportunity to develop their individual interests and talent and to create new interest areas with Social Activity Courses that are carried out by experts and experienced teachers. Also, they spend quality and efficient time on Saturdays with these courses.

  “Academic Weekend Courses” are organized for fourth grade students to support their academic developments, to strenghten their knowledge and talents and to increase their learning efficiency. There is Maths, Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Turkish and English in these courses.

  Academic and Social Activity Courses for our Primary School Students:

  • Main Movement Education

  • Puppet, Mask and Improvisation

  • Music Depot

  • Fast Reading

  • Creative Writing

  • Origami

  • Chess

  • Visual Arts

  • Turkish

  • Maths

  • Science

  • English

  • Social Studies