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Education Programmes

  As Arı Schools our greatest goal is to achieve mastery learning with a student-centered approach and to train multi-faceted, happy, successful and healthy generations with an ethical, principled and consistent understanding. Our educational programs, our projects, our national and international workshops, and the superior performances of the students during the exams are the elements that bring us to our aim.

  As our school’s educational programs were being restructured, we start with the principle; “Each acquired information prepares to set the stage for configuring the next knowledge.” Our target is to educate our students as people who investigate, question, think critically, solve problems, take responsibility of their learning and co-operate and our students gain different life experiences with these talents they acquire.

  Therefore, projects and activities are carried out for our students to gain the ability of accessing the information, using the information and commenting on it. Instead of transferring the information directly, they are guided to access the information by using their own experiences. Thus, our students are actively involved in each step of learning and teaching process.