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  Every year, we witness through experience that students who read a lot, do research, question during research, share what they read with teachers and family members achieve success in every aspect of life. During our students’ primary school years, we provide our students with different kind of printed, visual and electronic sources that are in the safest environment, that is our school’s library so that they can improve their reading and writing habits. Accordingly, we continue our work on this matter to enrich our library facilities. 

  We carry out our studies for our students to use the school’s library actively and efficiently in order for them to gain a sense of lifetime learning, to have a  positive attitude towards reading and to bring them up as good literate people.

  To help the students enjoy reading, gain reading and writing skills, reading comprehension skills and analyzing skills, we get them to use the library actively:

  • We organize active reading hours for primary and secondary school and we allocate a reading hour for each class in the library.
  • We apply the in-class reading hours in the library.
  • We bring our students together with authors in the frame of “Living Library Project”, we do workshop activities and we make the students meet with the authors’ books.
  • We enable our students to use Cultural Literature, Librarianship and Publication Communication clubs actively.
  • We provide an oppurtunity for our students to browse online catalogs on the computers in the library.
  • We celebrate Librarians’ week with colorful events and internal publications.
  • In secondary school Turkish lessons, we provide students with the resources in the school library, to teach how to write bibliographies by providing individual communication.
  • We update the reading panel in our library every month and announce the introduction of different kinds of books and new books to our students.
  • We support the values ​​gained by our students in the course of education through the use of school library. With this experience, we educate our students as individuals who research, inquire, and have fun learning.