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Vision – Mission – Values


  Our vision is to be a qualified and an innovative institution that carries out educational activities within the framework of contemporary standards and constantly thrive to improve.


Our mission is to bring up individuals who are happy, confident, successful, principled, caring, and open-minded. We want our students to be inquirers, good at communicative skills, reflective, team players, critical thinkers, creative, eager to learn and to improve, intellectual, courageous, balanced, and respectful of national cultural heritage and  international minded people.


  • To advance in the light of science and reason.

  • To be an institution which continuously develops and learns.

  • To work with dedicated, hard-working, ethical, solution-oriented, well equipped and qualified staff who are open to development.

  • To use fairness, trust, love, respect, open communication and an empathic approach as bases in human relations.

  • To create a positive climate in the institution.

  • To implement mastery learning.

  • To give importance to our students’ interests and needs.

  • To develop successful individuals in the fields of science, culture, art and sports along with academic success.

  • To teach English and a second foreign language effectively in addition to our mother tongue.

  • To communicate and cooperate with our parents for the development of their children.

  • To transfer the culture of Arı Schools from generation to generation.