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Our History

            Arı Educational Institutions started to provide education by mathematic teacher Sıtkı Alp’s opening Arı Private Teaching Institutions in 1969. These education and training services, which have reached half a century, are carried out today in the institutions ranging from pre-school to higher education. Founded on the basis of the principles of the “Turkish National Education System” in the light of Atatürk’s Principles and Revolutions, processing with science and reason, Arı Schools is proud of sustaining its success within Arı Educational Institutions.

            Arı Private High School was founded in 1984. The following year, in 1985, Arı Private Elementary School and Arı Private Science High School were founded; in 2000, the school-wide chain of educational opportunities for all ages had been completed by the establishment of Arı Pre-School. From the 2014-2015 academic year, Private Arı Anatolian High School had been authorized as IBDP “World School“.

            Arı Schools educates its students in a versatile and equipped manner with its experienced and competent faculty members, who provide individuals with an up-to-date education and help them become a successful, rational, productive member and prepare them for life.

           Educator Sıtkı ALP established Sıtkı ALP Education Foundation (SAEV) in order to contribute equal opportunities in education and to support successful students in higher education, as well. Çankaya University, established by SAEV in 09.07.1997, took its place in higher education.

          Arı Schools treat each student as an individual with their traits and needs, construct all stages of education by knowing the needs of an upper level, and adapt modern methods and techniques to the corporate culture. So, we aim at holistic development with our projects and activities. Having an education model based on school-university synergy, Arı Schools designs and carries out education and training programs in cooperation with Çankaya University in an approach combining new methods and developments in education. Arı Schools will continue to be the pioneer of many successes with its graduates, students, parents and all employees in the future with its qualified and successful works extending from pre-school education to lifelong learning.