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The Founder

Sıtkı ALP

Dear Parents, Educational Staff, Graduates and Students

         Arı Private Teaching Institution was founded in 1969 and we are proud to have led it to its half century. The Private Arı Schools were founded in 1984 according to the principals and reforms of Atatürk and under the guidance of The Turkish National Education System. Today our institution  continues to provide education to students of all age groups starting at preschool and extending, through Çankaya University, for upwards of twenty years.

        At Arı, we teach young people global life values by means of science  and language studies as well as by projects carried out to promote a sustainable future. We benefit from the input of our experienced and succcessful educational staff, from our student centred approach to education and from our high quality learning environment especially adapted to the digital age. We also enjoy the support of parents whilst providing education successfullly in and atmosphere of love and trust.

       Since our foundation we have achieved countless successes in the fields of science, culture, art, sports and academia both at a national and at a global level and we are continually adding to those successes… And so we are proud of the graduates who grew up within the culture of Arı Private Schools and who are now spreading its reputation both at home and internationally.

      We started our 35th academic year with the belief and the determination to carry our country forward in the best possible way and we hope that it brings health, happiness, peace ad success to all involved at Arı Schools, as well as to the nation as a whole.

Sıtkı ALP
The Founder of Arı Schools