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  The aim of Science courses, (which is accepted as the source of technological development and standing up to experimental survey-quantitative measurement applied in our school) is to bring up individuals who can transfer the knowledge and skills gained in the lessons into their daily life, have inquiring and critical thinking skills, can use the technology of the new age affectively and synthesise this technology with science.

  All our labs are provided with technological support to do experiments and projects in related subjects. By means of their technical equipment, our Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs aim to make our students gain the skills necessary for researching, inquiring, observing, critical thinking and setting a cause and effect relationship. We intend to make our students internalise the objectives which are abstract and difficult to understand about the related topics with our educational materials enriched with animations and videos according to the different learning styles in the 3D Labs.

  In our IT laboratories, for Computer Science Course, we apply same courses related to coding and developing applications. Also, we conduct some studies in line with Industry 4.0 era such as 3D design, wireless communication, basics of electronics, IoT and developing robots.