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  As Arı Schools, we raise individuals who regard knowledge as a necessity and who are life-long learners. Throughout the high school years and IB DP process of our students, as the safest place to do research our school library, offers them the chance of varying literacy habits, familiarising different kinds of visual, electronical and printed sources, improving their researching skills as well as applying their studies. In a world, which is dominated by ever changing information technologies, we promote our education programme by letting our partners reach local, national and international sources via our library services. We regard our library as a student-centered education place and so, here we aim to reinforce the values that our students acquire during this process.

  We assume the academic honesty as the most important one of our responsibilities in the global information world we are included, in the society we live, to each other and ourselves. Therefore, we conduct our studies in our library based on this academic honesty principles.

  In our library;;

  • We introduce the library at the beginning of each academic year and give various user trainings for our teachers and students.
  • We encourage our students to learn by questioning and give the tutoring of applied academic honesty to them.
  • We aim to raise individuals who make use of library as a part of daily life and in their free time.
  • We update our collection of books in terms of curriculum and lessons.
  • We provide the students with the opportunity to scan online catalogue in the computers in the library.
  • We tell about the meaning and the importance of Library Week with the in-school activities and publishing.
  • We provide them to write correct reference writing with the library sources in Turkish Literature and Language classes.
  • We check the use of referencing in our students’ research papers in line with the current publishing of MLA, which is one of the international standards that Modern Language Association published.
  • We provide our students to conduct presentations, watch documentaries, films and videos in our workshop rooms which are open for use in our Library Multimedia Center.
  • We support all our partners one-to-one in the effective usage of electronic databases.